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IMPACPorts - Independent Marine Ports Association of Canada

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In December 1995, the federal government's National Marine Policy provided for hundreds of federal ports to be divested, since they did not meet the test of being ports of national significance to the country as a whole. Many of these ports were transferred to provincial governments or to municipal authorities, and others were divested to local communities or to private interests, and still other facilities were deproclaimed as port facilities and closed permanently.

Transport Canada's divestiture and privatization agenda resulted in these newly formed port administrations being left to their own devices in regards to administering and operating port facilities with, in many cases, virtually no knowledge of the port industry and with no voice as a group on the many issues that were of common interest to them. The INDEPENDENT MARINE PORTS ASSOCIATION OF CANADA has been formed as a voice for these ports to liaise with government agencies and other ports for information exchange.



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